About us

Medico Herbs has sourced the finest herbs and natural remedies for your healing. With over 200 product soon to be launched you are sure to find the solution you need from us.

Over 20 years experience.

Medico Herbs over 15 Years Experience

Medicohers has been sourcing herbs for over 20 years. Through an extensive selection process we have kept only best farmers and growers for your herbs.

Sourced from around the world.

Medico Herbs world wide Sources

Medico Herbs brings in its herbs from several countries from across the globe. We have found sources of rare herbs and medicinal remedies in places such as China, India, New-Zealand, South Africa and South America.

Once we have these herbs they are processed, refined and cured to give you the best final result.  


Although Medico Herbs was originally founded in South Africa we have set up distributors in USA so that we can guarantee that you get your products in a timeously and free from damage.

Other Countries That we operate in


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